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Great news for brands, finally you’ll be able to schedule Instagram posts on your Business profile! There’s a catch though, this is only available for through the Instagram Graph API.

Businesses on Instagram will now be able to:

  • Schedule posts.
  • View posts they’ve been tagged in.
  • View other business profiles.

This changes will only affect organic content, meaning any of these new features won’t apply to Instagram ads.

How to get started?

To get started scheduling posts or viewing if your brand has been tagged in a post you will need to work with one of Facebook Marketing Partners or Instagram Partners.

Since this is a brand new it looks like Hootsuite is the go-to partner marketing to work with, because they’re mentioned in the Instagram press release and they’re already announcing this new feature on their website.

Schedule Instagram posts with Hootsuite
Schedule Instagram posts with Hootsuite

Save time and drive engagement by easily scheduling and publishing images directly from the Hootsuite dashboard and mobile app to your Instagram Business accounts.

About this, Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite says:

The scheduling and publishing of Instagram content have been the number one request for our 16 million customers. Now, they can manage large volumes of content, multiple team members and multiple Instagram accounts with ease and security. Hootsuite is excited to partner with Instagram to make this happen.

We look forward to trying this new feature and see how it helps brands and agencies to manage their content and improve their work.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing some of these features for personal accounts soon.

Tools to schedule Instagram posts

As mentioned above, the only way to schedule your Instagram posts is through the Graph API and probably you’re not going to develop your own software just to do this. So, what can you do? Choose the best fit between the many options of social media softwares.

To name a few:

Probably, you will find more tools but these are some of the most reliable ones.

Reasons You Should Be Scheduling Instagram Posts

Stop wasting your time thinking, what should i post today?

We’ve all been there, looking through your photos, deciding what to post, trying to guess what could generate more engagement and just wasting time. It’s time to stop this bad strategy. Choose a day of the week and take the time to choose photos to publish throughout the week or even two weeks, depending on how many days you want to publish.
Schedule the publication of your Instagram photos will help you save time and you can dedicate yourself to improve the interaction with your followers and plan your strategy.

Be consistent

Posting in a consistent way will make your followers get used to seeing your photos every certain amount of time. Posting randomly is a good way to start analyzing what’s the best time for you to post, once you pick the best days and hours, be consistent with those times.

Spend more time creating great captions

Instagram is not only about high quality photos, is about sharing stories, moments that your followers will love. Captions are a great part of this since is where you can tell what the picture is about, what was happening in that moment you want to share.

Captions are like your blog text and the photo is your headline, once you’ve attracted people to your photo tell them a good story so they’ll read it and interact with it.

Scheduling your photos will give you more time to write amazing captions and also the ability to review your captions more than once for the posts you’ve schedule but are not live yet.

Post more Stories

Now that your Instagram Feed is covered for a full week, take advantage of this and dedicate more time to share meaningful, interesting stories so your followers stay in touch with you on daily basis.

Stories are a great way to share your daily life, the behind the scenes of your brand, to show the people who works on your company and everything you do, without much expectations of high quality video nor photos.

Instagram Stories are meant to share what really happens in life, without much makeup and photoshop, of course for some brands high quality is a must, but for most of people you’ll be just fine focusing on the story, not the quality.

Source: Instagram Business Blog

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