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LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog is one of our favorite sources of information. They’re always keeping us updated on new LinkedIn features, marketing tendencies, inspiration from big or small companies using the social network.

Recently they shared some 2017 recap posts with the most-read entries on their blog, which is great if you’re not familiar with them and trying to improve your professional skills.

Time to read!

Top most-read articles:

10. 101 Sales and Marketing Quotes to Read Before Setting Your Strategy

9. Your Summer Reading List: 25 Can’t-Miss Marketing Books

8. 3 Simple Question to Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

7. 10 Examples of LinkedIn Ads That Totally Crushed It

6. Introducing LinkedIn Website Demographics

5. Our Favorite B2B Marketing Campaigns of 2016

4. 10 Books Every B2B Marketing Strategist Should Read

3. Introducing LinkedIn Matched Audiences

2. Introducing LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

1. Announcing LinkedIn’s Top Company Pages of 2017

One of the most important things to become a great strategist is to update your knowledge on marketing tendencies on a daily basis and that’s why is so important to follow these contents, specially when they come from a main source such as LinkedIn’s own marketing blog. So follow them!

This is their resolution for the new year (same than last) and we share it very much:

Elevate the marketing profession with the best original, curated, and collaborative content on the Web.


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