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Social media is all about the right message at the right time, that why having a content calendar is one of the most important tasks every good marketing strategist should do. This will help you to not improvise that day when you realize “omg! it’s the company anniversary, WTF!” or that there’s an sport event your brand should be talking about and you’re doing nothing, etc.

There’re so many things going on every month that i get it, sometimes you just forget what’s happening in the world, but you know what? it’s not acceptable. Why? for the simple reason that you are missing great opportunities! And that’s what a good marketer avoids.

So thumbs up to the Twitter team that made this January 2018 marketing calendar to help us not forget those important dates during the beginning of the year

Twitter content calendar

Twitter content calendar January 2018

Download content calendar

Social media calendar

Being super organized in this crazy social media world pays off, so this is something you need to be doing for all your social media accounts, not just twitter.

There’re many tools out there that’ll help you with this, don’t be lazy and go google: social media calendar tools (we’ll make a review of our favorites later).

Find the right tool for you, the one that helps your brand or agency with scheduling posts ahead, performance insights, reviewing and approving contents from your team, remembers you that you need to be creating content for an specific date, etc.

And if you don’t find the right tool or you don’t have the budget use Google Spreadsheets and Google calendar, at least that’s what i do. Free and super easy to use, can’t get any better.

Content calendar tutorial

I’ll leave you with this Sunny Lenarduzzi (you need to follow her) content calendar for social media marketing tutorial.

Watch and learn:


And remember, planning ahead is the key to a great strategy.


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