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If you’re an aspiring Youtuber, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a small company, a sales representative from big fat company or just an amazingly talented filmmaker you can make money on YouTube.

Before trying any of these tactics to make money you need to be creating content, meaningful and authentic content. Don’t even think that just creating a YouTube channel and uploading your videos from last night party will be enough.

So to all those YouTube hard workers, what you need to understand guys is that YouTube is just the platform and your content, your voice, your personal style is what will create, will captivate your community.

Create content and spread it on all your channels; Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat or wherever your are getting in touch with your crowd. But don’t just republish it, re-utilize your content in a smart way, adapt it for each social network, give it a different style, a different focus.

Each social network, each platform where your brand is growing will give you the chance to have multiple revenue streams. Let’s take a website for example, you can place Adsense ads, have branded content, sponsored categories, sell products, etc.

Same happens with YouTube.

7 revenue streams for Youtube.


Start with this. Probably you won’t be getting much of Adsense if your videos doesn’t have many views, but it’s a start.

Affiliate Links

Have you noticed that in many video descriptions the creators put links to Amazon? Like Casey Neistat. Those are affiliate links. When someone buys the product you linked to it will make you earn a commission.

Screenshot Affiliate links Casey Neistat

Screenshot from affiliate links on YouTube from Casey Neistat channel

Branded content / Sponsored content

Working with brands is probably one of the most lucrative ways to use your brand channels. Be careful of publish many branded content since your followers base will not be there to hear about brands, except if your business is about making reviews. Try to work with brands that are kind of related with your business field, otherwise is just weird.

Be aware that it’s very important that you disclosure when your content is being paid by another brand.

Digital Products

Create digital products! e-books, exclusive video content, courses, etc. Think about something that your followers will be interested on and sell it. There’re plenty of tools that’ll make your life easier like Shopify or PayPal, you just need to create the products and start to sell them.

A great idea i heard on a (i love them) webinar is to sell it before it’s ready: PRE-ORDER. Offer a nice big discount on that e-book that you’ll be releasing in about two months. This will make you the money even before you create the product!

Patreon / Crowdfunding

If you are creating great content and your community loves you but is not enough in revenue terms, start looking for other ways to support your projects.

I’ve seen many Youtubers starting to use Patreon, like Simone Giertz. For those of you that don’t even know what Patreon is, it’s a platform where you donate monthly to support independent creators.

Screenshot Simone Giertz Patreon YouTube

Screenshot of Simone Giertz Patreon link on YouTube

YouTube Live – Super Chat

Have you seen this?!!! Super Chat was announced by Youtube at the beginnings of this year, haven’t seen it much yet but probably is still on an early stage.

Probably this is just available for huge channels, but is important to have it in mind, who knows!

YouTube Super Chat animated gif

YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Sponsorship

This is also something new i’ve started to see in a few channels. Allows you to sponsor the channel by giving you some perks. Very cool.

Screenshot YouTube Sponsor Channel button

Screenshot YouTube Sponsor Channel button

So as you can see there are many ways you can generate revenue from your Youtube channel, but these won’t have effect if you are not creating amazing content.

How are you increasing your revenue from Youtube?

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