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In this article you will learn how to improve your Linkedin profile by recognizing how it works and what is important within this professional network.

Having a great LinkedIn profile is not only about having a full CV, but also about participating, generating content and above all; establishing relationships with other users in your industry.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is based off of the ideas of other social media platforms, the only difference being the purpose of its creation and the objectives it wishes to achieve. 

Out of all the social networking websites that were created, LinkedIn is one of the most professional ones that specifically was made for encouraging businesses and professional careers. It targets freelancers, startups and home based business owners. You use the platform to foster working relationships that benefit all the parties involved. 

Much like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is also expansive in its reach; no matter where you are in the world, you can count on it to be off help. Even members of the fortune 500 companies are part of LinkedIn always looking for fresh talent and partnerships to target a specific niche. 

How does LinkedIn work?

Just like the rest, LinkedIn also works on an algorithm that provides you with content particular to your interests and hobbies. As you ‘like’ some work or decided to ‘share it’, the algorithm works on showing you specific content, similar to the type you seem to like. Similarly, it filters the content you flag or mark as spam. 

On a more professional level, it will help you by creating contacts in line with the type of business you own and work you can do. In order to get started, all you have to do is set up a profile. This profile will contain your bio data, capabilities, work experience, education information and will serve to be a reflection of your mentality in life. It could be what draws an employer towards you or drives them away.

What should a great LinkedIn profile have?

Making sure that a prospective employer chooses your profile instead of the next one in the set is paramount. You can only do that by ensuring that your profile is as unique as possible. It has to stand out and grab the attention of the reader. According to experts, you can amp up your profile through 5 basic ways:

Relay your passion

Let the reader know what you are enthusiastic about. Stay away from the generic content and focus on what you love. Explain why it intrigues you and what you like the most about it. This serves as a look into your personality and work ethic. 

Know what you want

Create your profile in such a manner that it relays the thought that went into deciding the career path that you have chosen. Knowing what job you want, what kind of work you want to do and what sort of a corporation you want to be a part off can go a long way in created an informed impression. 

Add personality 

Make sure your profile is a reflection of who you are. Even the smallest act of choosing the right professional profile picture is what could humanize your profile. Instead of your profile being treated like a checklist –as employers check off the amount of job requirements you meet –you are treated like an individual. 

Have strong recommendations 

If you are able to back up your LinkedIn profile with solid recommendations, the decision of the potential employer becomes drastically clear. They will not have to go through more profiles; yours will have been the one for them. 

Be honest 

A good profile is always one that is honest and real. This entails that you list down your work experiences, accomplishments and honors responsibly. This extends to your work objectives and long term goals as well. It is always good to highlight them so that the employer is aware of where you stand. 

Why will using LinkedIn be beneficial?

There are many benefits you can derive out of the effective use of your LinkedIn profile:

More productive

LinkedIn, due to the fact that it was primarily made for the purpose of aiding businesses, is considered to be more productive. According to a few researches, LinkedIn members earn drastically higher amounts than that who use Facebook to create business partnerships. The professional focus on work is what drives LinkedIn opportunities. 

It has a wide user base

The sheer volume of individuals who use LinkedIn allow for millions of groups, discussions and promotions to be available for anyone to take part in. They target all kinds of subjects and people from all over the world entrenched in them. Thus, you are more likely to find your perfect job through LinkedIn.

It has unique features

LinkedIn also has a unique feature that can exaggerate the expertise that surrounds a specific subject. Since 2014, this feature was made available to all members; articles and pieces of writing are pinned permanently onto your profile thus proving to be positively contributing to your chances of getting a job through LinkedIn. 

It is specific 

LinkedIn has also developed an optimized search system, which allows individuals to find specific content much more efficiently. It surpasses search engines like Google and allows you to create quality contacts that have been picked specifically to fit your needs. 

How can you use your LinkedIn to get the best job opportunities?

Stay Active 

In order to ensure that you are noticed amongst the thousands of profiles on LinkedIn, make sure that you keep updating your profile. Add to your work experiences and list of skills. Make sure that you keep your biographical information up to date. Additionally, always keep reflecting on the goals you have highlighted. If you feel that there is one piece of information that is not working for you, feel free to update it. 

Be Precise 

Writing too much is discouraging, but so is writing too little. Thus, you have to strive for a balance. Ensure that you refrain from long paragraphs and keep your information to the point and well written. This will ensure that you can promote yourself well without taking up too much of the prospective employer’s time. 

Recall your Experiences

Make sure that you list down all that you have done which contributes positively to your career path. Even if you think something as small and insignificant as data entry back when you had just graduated should be left out, think again. The more quality experience you can show, the better. 

Keep it Catchy

Your headline is the reason why someone would open your profile. Thus, make sure that it is catchy and delivers exactly what is required. Your aim should be to make it attention grabbing and to leave an impact in the minds of the reader. 

Build Connections

Once you set up your profile, you let people know you are available for work. This makes it imperative for you to make connections, join professional group chats so that you get a sense of who you need to establish a relationship with. 

Do Research

After having created a profile, explore all the LinkedIn opportunities. Talk to clients of large businesses and large businesses themselves. This will give you an idea of what sort of work to approach and which organization to turn to.

Be Involved in Groups

Being involved in groups will allow you to showcase and demonstrate your capabilities and skills. You could potentially find a business or individual you may want to work with because of the way they carry themselves during a group conversation. The more groups you are a part of, the better! 


LinkedIn is an incredible platform you can use to grow and find new career opportunities. As any social network is highly dynamic and changing permanently, so it’s very important to keep up with its features.

Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and participating, whether it’s sharing content, generating relevant articles, commenting on other publications and connecting with other people in the industry you work in will make your profile stand out and other people will begin to recognize you as a voice that has something to say.

Don’t wait any longer to improve your LinkedIn profile and make this incredible social network one of your favorite sites on the Internet.

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