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In its efforts to increase video production Facebook has created “Facebook for Creators”. A website, an app and some other resources to help you unleash your creativity, build your community and grow your presence.


Does it work?

The thing with this new Facebook app is that it will work for you if you’re already creating great video content and you’ve build up your audience. Otherwise, is like everything else in Facebook, your content won’t get seen unless you’re willing to pay for it.

What can you do?

There are a few special features in the Creators app.

  • One cool thing is you can use the Live Creative Kit to make more fun and personalized Live videos. It gives you the chance to add customized intros and outros, stickers and frames.
  • This app creates a unified inbox in the Community tab for all your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram comments, so you don’t miss any interaction with your followers.
  • More and better insights! This is great, since every creator is always obsessed with numbers the app has its own analytics tab so you can fastly see how your contents are doing.
  • Crosspost your videos and live broadcasts to Facebook Stories, Twitter and Instagram. This is pretty cool and will make your life easier. It’s actually something that should be available for everyone in the Facebook App since we all get tired of posting some contents in each platform.

Website (not only) for creators

One interesting thing about this Facebook for Creators launch is the website. We say is not only for creator, because is a new great place to find inspiration, to get to know creators you had no idea exist, to learn new techniques on how to make amazing content.

  • Learn skills and techniques to make your content shine
  • Find answers to common creator-specific questions
  • Join the community to be considered for early access to new features and tools

Check out these website pages:


Get inspired by the creator community, and stay up to date on all the latest Facebook news.


Step by step on how to get started with Facebook Creator, make a plan, create and share.


Q&A with many popular questions, from what’s the difference between a profile and a page to how to make money with your videos.

Should you try it?

The right answer is always yes!

If you are already making a lot of video content, feeling like a big influencer or you wanna try new tools to grow your audience and improve your broadcasts, definitely give it a try.

This is Facebook attempt to be more competitive and attractive for vloggers who are very fidelized by YouTube. But in order to be a real option Facebook will have to put more efforts in monetization, because let’s be transparent revenue is one of the most important factors when choosing where to build your community.

If Facebook is gonna attract more influencers probably is gonna improve and create new features for this app and that’s why is worth to give it a try.

Anyone already trying it?


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