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If you are looking to create a landing page to boost your business, grow your mailing list and generate new leads to increase your sales Mailchimp has your back.

For those of you who don’t know, Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses and people share email campaigns.

Recently they’ve started to include new features like ad campaigns through Facebook Ads and Adwords, remarketing lists and landing pages, which we will be covering in this article.

This new feature lets you create a landing page based on 2 main templates that will help you get started, each focusing on a different goal: selling more stuff or growing your list.

If you don’t like these templates or they just don’t fit your needs you can always customize your own, with the same intuitive drag-and-drop editor that you’re accustomed to using for all your emails.

In just a few clicks, you can add your logo, images, full-page hero images, try different types of fonts, test different layouts and have your brand new landing page up and running.

Mailchimp landing pages are beautiful, customizable, and mobile-friendly.I love that Mailchimp makes everything so easy 😉

The Sell more stuff Template

This template was made to help you boost sales by providing a simple layout and direct call-to-action that will educate your customers about your products, giving them all the basic information they’d need to know before making a purchase.You might create a landing page with this template for:

  • Announce a new product
  • Showcase your latest collection
  • Highlight special offers for the holidays
Landing page to sell more stuff
Landing page to sell more stuff

The Grow your list Template

This is such a powerful tool to grow your mailing list, so simple and effective. In this template, you’ll find a signup form that allows you customize a success message after someone subscribes.A few ways to use this template are:

  • Convert social media followers through a giveaway or product presale
  • Drive signups by rewarding new subscribers with a coupon code for free shipping
  • Run sweepstakes where a few lucky new contacts receive a free gift or two

Once someone has joined your mailing list you can set up an automated welcome email to generate traffic to your store, a special sale, an article, etc.This is pretty similar to what does with their Welcome Mats, which I love and find super useful, but in this case, this is a landing page and not a popup-like tool, so you’ll have a link to share on social media and any other channel.

Mailchimp landing pages to boost your business 1
Landing page to grow your mailing list

Why do you need a landing page?

Of course, you are thinking why would I need a landing page if I already have my website running? Well, the truth is you don’t need one, but there are many reasons why having a landing page could benefit your business, like:

  • Grow your mailing list faster
  • Generate more sales
  • Surprise your customers with incredible offers

Landing pages will give you the ability to show your brand in a different way your customers are used to. Having a page with a different layout, with a design focused on highlighting a specific product or a special offer will make the visitors give all their attention to what you’re showing, with no distractions, no other pages to go navigate.This is a great tool to achieve short-term goals. So the question you need to be asking yourself is not if you need a landing page is how your brand can benefit from using one.

How to design a landing page that converts?

How to design a landing page
How to design a landing page

Landing pages help you get new customers and increase profits by focusing on a specific short-term goals.In order to create a great landing page that converts you need to consider these steps:

1. Determine your goal

Like in every marketing action, before getting started you need to determine what’s the goal of your landing page. Lucky you, Mailchimp makes this pretty simple since there are two main templates to choose from, one designed to sell more and the other one to collect more emails. Having a clear goal in mind will help you in the process of designing the image and messages for your landing page.

2. Always have your audience in mind

As deeper you get to know your audience the better. Being mindful of who your audience is will help you create a better message, a design that they’ll find attractive and offers they won’t be able to reject.Depending on your business you could have different landing pages for different type of customers, for example, if your shop sales clothing for women and men you could design a specific landing page for each or if you’ve some products for a younger audience and others for an older once, you get the idea.Think about them, you need to know where you can find them, if they like to read BuzzFeed, Wired or maybe they don’t like to read at all, understand how they behave, what they expect from your brand, what kind of images they like, how they talk, how they dress, etc. You get the idea.

3. Write compelling copy

A good copy that’s concise, on-brand, and relevant to your audience will increase your chances of conversion. Good copy is what captivates your visitors to stay and keep browsing your page.Structure the copy of your landing this way:

  • Headline: A message that grabs the attention of your visitors and makes them want to know more.
  • Body: A simple, informative, to the point message that gives them the full scope of what they can get from this page. The body is where you show your visitors the opportunity you want to offer them, maybe is a product on sale, maybe are the benefits of joining your mailing list.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA): The CTA has to be attractive, seductive and actionable. This is where you make the profit, so you need to be convincing so people will sign-up or purchase.
  • Footer: Here is where you put all that information like contact details, shipping, your social media, any special terms and conditions that may apply and everything else that’s secondary to the main message you want visitors to get.

4. Eye-catching images, videos, gifs.

It’s true, a picture it’s worth a thousand words. Great images will make your content more interesting, more relevant for the readers, it can help them understand better and faster what you want to show them.In just a few clicks you can add images to grab the attention of your visitors. Add images of your products or images related to your brand that your customers will recognize.You can even connect your store to Mailchimp and automatically get images from your products and site.

5. Include detailed information

In the case of landing pages aiming to increase profits or generate sales of a special offer is very important that you include more information about the products you are selling, detailed, descriptive information, like specs, sizing, shipping and everything you think your customers could wonder about. Try to answer questions before someone asks them.If your landing is looking  to grow a mailing list is important to make clear why someone should give you his email address. No one likes spam, we’re all tired of removing ourselves from a mailing list that keeps our inbox full with garbage. So let your visitors know what are benefits of joining your mailing list, what kind of information you’ll be sending them. how often, etc.

6. Build trust

One of the most trusted types of content is reviews. Take advantage of this, grab positive comments made on your products or on your website and publish them on your landing page. This will generate trust in that visitor whos about to purchase your product because is reading a positive experience from someone else, not just the brand talking good things about itself.If you have a great newsletter you could actually get some positive reviews about the information you are sending out to your list and share this comments on the landing.

7. Incorporate promos

One of the main ideas behind a landing page is to offer something special, something new that people won’t find on the official site. That’s why this is the place to give your customers some unique offers, coupons or a promo code after they sign-up to your mailing list or a big discount after they make a purchase.This type of incentives are a very effective way to generate leads.

8. Share your page

Once you have designed your landing page, it’s time to start promoting it to your audience.Share the customizable landing page URL on social media, on your website, through your newsletter and on every channel you have access to. Don’t forget who is your audience and where you can find them. Be strategic, and use every marketing channel you can the right way.

9. Do something after converting

Whether you’re using Mailchimp landing pages to grow your mailing list or sell more stuff, it’s important to react when a user converts.If someone gives you their email, create an automated welcome message to your community, send them a promo code or a link to download something, it does not matter what it is, but please do something. It’s all about giving back;)

Mailchimp landing pages
Landing page promo code

Landing pages are a great way to connect with your audience and drive conversions. Follow these tips, customize them to your own brand style, be bold and boost your business with this amazing tool, you won’t regret it.It’s very exciting to see how Mailchimp is turning its business into more tools for companies to grow than only mailings, which is pretty cool since they do such a good work in everything.This is just a first step for landing pages, in the coming months Mailchimp will be expanding its functionalities in amazing new ways.Looking forward to seeing how this will help us all grow our businesses.

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