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Schedule Instagram posts on your Business profile

Schedule Instagram posts

Great news for brands, finally you’ll be able to schedule Instagram posts on your Business profile! There’s a catch though, this is only available for through the Instagram Graph API. Businesses on Instagram will now be able to: Schedule posts. View posts they’ve been tagged in. View other business profiles. This changes will only affect

Have you heard about Facebook for Creators?

Facebook app for Creators

In its efforts to increase video production Facebook has created “Facebook for Creators”. A website, an app and some other resources to help you unleash your creativity, build your community and grow your presence.   Does it work? The thing with this new Facebook app is that it will work for you if you’re already

Facebook Engagement Bait: What you need to know

Facebook Engagement Bait

If you are not familiar with the concept of Engagement Bait, it’s pretty simple. A set of tactics used by many publishers to boost their engagement in order to get a greater reach by using some of Facebook basic interactions (reactions, shares, comments, tagging, etc). We all like/need more reactions, comments and shares to get