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We all know today content marketing is king of the internet, so the big question that marketers ask themselves is how to create engaging content?

Great, authentic, meaningful content generates more engagement and that translates into a series of benefits for your brand: reaching more people, getting more feedback, gaining new followers, having more visits to their website, increasing sales, etc.

The problem is everyday is getting harder for brands to reach new audiences or even fans. There’s so much content out there from friends, family, coworkers, brands you follow and some other, that how is your content going to stand out?

Especially today with the new Facebook News Feed update (you should read about this).

That’s why today we need to improve our content marketing strategies and the quality of the content brands produce.

These 4 tips will help you create authentic and meaningful content that will engage with your audience.

1. Be a nice human being

No one likes sitting next to someone that just talks about himself, well with content is kind of  the same. No one likes a brand that only post content about their products, their offers and everything is about themselves.

    • Get involved with the people you’re talking to.
    • Treat them with respect.
    • Answer them when they ask you things, even if is not about your products.
    • Talk about topics that are not even related to what you are selling.
    • No one likes jerks, so don’t let your brand be one.
    • Make jokes, be funny, be emotional, expose how you feel about certain situations.
  • Make mistakes, not on purpose of course.

People appreciates when someone makes their life easier, maybe your brand can be that person.

When working with clients i always try to make them understand that posts that don’t talk about their brand are as important as the ones that do. Because unlike traditional media, on the Internet people can talk to companies. It is no longer about just showing, it is about talking and nobody wants to talk only about brands and products.

2. Define your personality

The chances are that your brand already has a personality, so when creating new content let that personality be seen in everything you publish.

This is one of the things that will generate engagement with your audience. People will recognize your posts, your opinions, your videos.

Personality is what differentiate one person, one brand from another and i’m pretty sure you don’t want to be seen like more of the same.

To do this you need to deeply understand your audience. You need to know how they talk, what they talk about, which slang words they use, what they do, where they go out, etc.

These insights will help you create you own voice, your own language so you can generate messages that will take you closer to your people.

3. Develop a visual language

We all can tell when a publication comes from a certain brand or a certain person.

Imagine if Pepsi’s brand image were red, won’t that generate a bit of a confusion with Coke image?

You need to create a distinguishable image for your content.

What about using stock photography/images?

Of course, not everyone have the budget to hire a designer or make a photography session, so stock images always a good, valid option. Just be careful with the images you choose. Check if your competition is not using the same photos you’re planning to, because that would be a mess and trust me, that happens a lot!.

YouTube is a great example of this, have you seen how Youtubers design their video thumbnails? They put a lot of work in creating an authentic style. Do the same and be consistent with your corporate image.

Content Marketing Youtube Thumbnails

Youtube Thumbnails

The thumbnail for a post is as important as your headline, is what could make someone click on it and engage with your content. That’s what we all want, right?

Remember that content marketing considers no just written words, is video, illustrations, the images you show and everything else that talks and relates to your brand.

4. Be bold

Is never easy for brands to express their own opinions about controversial topics and i get it, is an unnecessary risk to say something that could backfire and bother some of your customers.

Playing the safe card is always a good strategy, but what if you could empathize in a deeper level with your consumers? what if you could let them know you understand them, you support them and you have their back? don’t you think doing something like that could take your relationship with them to another level?

Be smart, don’t share what comes first to your mind. Talk with your team, identify topics that are important for your community, generate a solid message that won’t backfire and always remember this is your company’s opinion, not necessarily yours.

Take a stand against discrimination, show what’s your company’s policy on gender equality, have an opinion on topics that people matter. This is the kind of content that will make your brand stand out from the others.

Be bold, smart and bold.


On the Internet people want to propose topics, they want to ask, they want to learn, they want to be heard and that’s where brands have the opportunity to generate interesting content.

Content marketing is not only about your products or services. Is about giving your brand a voice to talk in public spaces to consumers, is about talking with them about things they want to talk about and your goal as a marketer is to see how your brand can relate to those topics.

The best thing you can do to generate amazing content is to talk to the people you want to engage with, get to know them, understand their needs, their wishes, their dreams. Listen to them and don’t just impose topics.

If you create content that your own followers are demanding it will have much more engagement than content no one has ask for.

Do not get too serious and think how you personally use social media to get information about things you’re interested. What do you like to read or watch, why do you like it?

Once you get that think about your customers and start creating the content they are looking for.

Now, get out of here and do it.

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