Mailchimp landing pages to boost your business

Landing pages

If you are looking to create a landing page to boost your business, grow your mailing list and generate new leads to increase your sales Mailchimp has your back. For those of you who don’t know, Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses and people share email campaigns. Recently they’ve started to include

Schedule Instagram posts on your Business profile

Schedule Instagram posts

Great news for brands, finally you’ll be able to schedule Instagram posts on your Business profile! There’s a catch though, this is only available for through the Instagram Graph API. Businesses on Instagram will now be able to: Schedule posts. View posts they’ve been tagged in. View other business profiles. This changes will only affect

WhatsApp Business App, how can help grow your business?

WhatsApp Business App

For those of you who don’t know WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Business, a new app that was built especially for small business owners. With the app, you can interact easily with your customers by using the messaging system and other tools. WhatsApp Business is only available in select countries, including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K.

Brand Content: 4 tips to make it authentic and meaningful

Content Marketing keys to create great content

We all know today content marketing is king of the internet, so the big question that marketers ask themselves is how to create engaging content? Great, authentic, meaningful content generates more engagement and that translates into a series of benefits for your brand: reaching more people, getting more feedback, gaining new followers, having more visits

Have you heard about Facebook for Creators?

Facebook app for Creators

In its efforts to increase video production Facebook has created “Facebook for Creators”. A website, an app and some other resources to help you unleash your creativity, build your community and grow your presence.   Does it work? The thing with this new Facebook app is that it will work for you if you’re already

Inspiration: The 14 most popular TED Talks of 2017

The most popular TED talks for 2017

Here’s a list (made by TED Talks) of the most popular, interesting, amazing TED Talks of 2017. If you still don’t know what TED Talks are you are missing the world! TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. They invite amazing people from all over the globe to give these short, powerful talks about

January 2018 content calendar for Twitter marketers

Twitter content calendar January 2018

Social media is all about the right message at the right time, that why having a content calendar is one of the most important tasks every good marketing strategist should do. This will help you to not improvise that day when you realize “omg! it’s the company anniversary, WTF!” or that there’s an sport event your brand should

Inspiration: 10 Most popular posts on LinkedIn Marketing Blog of 2017

LinkedIn's top posts of 2017

LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog is one of our favorite sources of information. They’re always keeping us updated on new LinkedIn features, marketing tendencies, inspiration from big or small companies using the social network. Recently they shared some 2017 recap posts with the most-read entries on their blog, which is great if you’re not familiar with

How To Make Money On YouTube (The 7 Revenue Streams)

how to Make money on YouTube

If you’re an aspiring Youtuber, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a small company, a sales representative from big fat company or just an amazingly talented filmmaker you can make money on YouTube. Before trying any of these tactics to make money you need to be creating content, meaningful and authentic content. Don’t even think that just